Deployments so easy it's almost magical.
$ sudo snap install conjure-up --classic
$ conjure-up
Ubuntu Trusty (14.04) users learn more!

Conjure-up is a power tool for getting started with big software.

Conjure-up lets you summon up a big-software stack as a “spell” - a model of the stack, combined with extra know-how to get you from an installed stack to a fully usable one. Start using your big software instead of learning how to deploy it.

Popular spells


The Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes works across all major public clouds and private infrastructure, enabling your teams to operate Kubernetes clusters on demand, anywhere.

$ conjure-up kubernetes


An OpenStack Cloud (Newton release) on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, providing Dashboard, Compute, Network, Block Storage, Object Storage, Identity and Image services.

$ conjure-up openstack