Get started with big software, fast

conjure-up lets you summon up a big-software stack as a “spell” — a model of the stack, combined with extra know-how to get you from an installed stack to a fully usable one. Start using your big software instead of learning how to deploy it.

conjure-up illustration

Get started

(64-bit only)

  • $ sudo snap install conjure-up --classic
  • $ conjure-up

conjure-up spells

Kubernetes logo


$ conjure-up kubernetes

Get the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes deployed and running all on a single machine.

Kubernetes with conjure-up

OpenStack logo


$ conjure-up openstack

Easily deploy real-world OpenStack on a single machine using LXD containers.

OpenStack with conjure-up

More spells

$ conjure-up

View all spells by using the command above, or view them in the GitHub repository.

Go to spell registry

Getting help with conjure-up

User manual

Refer to the user manual to get a more detailed guide in how to get up and running with conjure-up.

Read the user manual

Ask Ubuntu

Troubleshoot and browse questions on the Ask Ubuntu StackExchange.

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Join the #conjure-up channel on if you’re having problems with getting conjure-up running.

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How to contribute to conjure-up

Create your own spells from scratch using the developer manual or build off existing spells via GitHub.

View on GitHub GitHub logo